Hatch & Germinate is a simple system for having and testing ideas. We take the analogy of seed germination, using soil or substrate to fuel the innovation and then going through various testing and idea development phases to bring an idea or seed into a healthy seedling, at which point it is ready to be launched as a business or capable of gaining investment. There are several products and services that we are developing:

1. The Hatch & Germinate Handbook A step-by-step guide to the system that enables you to put it into practice in your organisation or setting.

2. Hatchathons Open idea generation events based around themes that get people having ideas and getting them off the ground over a day or weekend.

3. Substrate Sessions Events that explore the problems and current landscape of a particular industry, with guest speakers, practitioners and more to fuel solid ideas.

4. Facilitation We can run workshops and sessions in your organisation, school or other setting to facilitate idea generation and testing, giving your students or employees new skills and a dynamic attitude when it comes to innovation.

5. Germination Station Ongoing workshops in the testing, forming and execution of your seedlings.

6. Seedbank An idea development portal in which people needing work experience can become 'Idea Germinators', undertaking tasks to help develop the ideas submitted. Idea Germinators can effectively build their own internship in a range of disciplines, to help them in their careers, or set up their own startups through the system.

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